Forklift Focus – The Clark EPXi Series Electric Counterbalance

Does it really always have to be a combustion engine?

In many areas of application, electric forklifts are just as reliable and efficient as combustion engine forklifts, since not every use is 24/7. A factor that often counts against them is the higher initial cost.

With the EPXi, CLARK has now designed an electric forklift that has as much sturdy technology necessary for high-turnover, ergonomic and safe use. It does completely without expensive and usually unnecessary gadgets. The result is a very good price/performance ratio.

The eco-friendly all-rounder scores both indoors and out wherever a high-turnover capacity and availability are important, such as in logistics, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, the chemicals and plastics industries and in the food trade. Thanks to its larger front wheels, the EPXi has very good floor clearance – an advantage for use on uneven floors, hall passages or ramps.

Ergonomic workplace with higher seat position

The ergonomic workplace offers the driver an intuitive operating concept with an excellent view of both load and forks. The higher seat position gives the driver a good all-round view. This increases safety during load handling.

A powerful performance is guaranteed by the 15 kW traction motor. At the same time, the three-phase AC technology leads to great acceleration and high final travel speeds. The eco-friendly and quiet electric motors make the forklifts ideal for use in mixed areas. Individual options allow them to be adapted to every indoor and outdoor task.

Clean, reliable and extremely versatile – the 48 volt four-wheel forklift from Clark – the alternative to a combustion engine