Clark Lithium Ion Technology

Lithium Ion Technology

The CLARK lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion) with high availability and low operating costs are efficient energy bundles that give excellent results: The batteries can be opportunity charged at any time and within a very short period whenever breaks occur and without damaging the battery or shortening its service life. CLARK Li-Ion materials handling vehicles can therefore be used around the clock. A battery change is not necessary. Thus, Li-Ion technology guarantees high  efficiency, especially in multi-shift operation.


Lithium-ion batteries from CLARK increase your handling performance and reduce operating costs at the same time

CLARK Li-Ion batteries store a lot of energy in a small space. They have an extremely long service life and are optimal for intensive use. With Li-Ion batteries, you not only increase productivity, but also reduce your costs. This means that the purchase costs of Li-Ion batteries pay for themselves within two to three years, depending on their use. Moreover, since you do not need a dedicated charging infrastructure, you gain valuable storage space.

Exactly the right materials handling vehicle for your application. CLARK warehouse equipment technology with Li-Ion power.

Clark offers you a wide range of forklift trucks and low lift trucks with Li-Ion battery. In addition, both high lift trucks and multi-function order pickers with Li-ion batteries are available for you to choose from, so that you can use the advantages of lithium-ion technology in a wide range of applications

- Forklift Trucks -

Electric three-wheel forklift GTX16-20s

Electric four-wheel forklift GEX16-20s

- Pallet Trucks -

Lithium-ion Hand Pallet Truck WPio12

Lithium-Ion Low-lift Pallet Truck WPio15

Lithium-Ion Low-lift Pallet Truck WPio18

Lithium-Ion Low-lift Pallet Truck WPio20

Lithium-Ion Low-lift Pallet Truck PPXsio20

- Pallet Stackers and Order Pickers -

Order picker COP1

Electric Stacker PSX16

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