Lithium-ion hand pallet truck PPXsio20

THE PPXsio20 - A COMPACT POWERHOUSE The PPXsio20 is designed for use on medium to long transport routes. Due to the foldable operator platform the truck can be used in confined spaces without any problems. The suspension of the stable stand-on platform offers the driver additional comfort. The automatic speed reduction during cornering ensures a high level of safety in curves. Battery charging is possible at every 230 Volt socket possible and makes the PPXsio20 a compact and flexible machine .


Comfort and ergonomics: Thanks to the maintenance-free lithium-ion battery and the included charger daily routines stay much the same when a conventional hand pallet truck is replaced with the PPXsio20. The PPXsio20 is perfect for light duties in goods distribution, production tasks or warehouse applications.

Fast charging + top-up charging

Top-up charging can be used between full charges without affecting the service life of the battery. The battery can be recharged with any 230V socket. No costs are incurred for adapting the existing charging infrastructure (e.g. ventilation). After deep discharge cycle, charging to 60% battery capacity takes only 40 minutes and the battery is charged to full capacity after 2.5 hours.

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